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15 juillet 2019, Peyragudes

Enneigement :
bas: 0 cm
haut: 140 cm
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25 mars 2019, Val Louron

Enneigement :
bas: 20 cm
haut: 75 cm
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village de genos sous la neige  Winter Hiking

Magic valley surrounded by exuberant nature. Some of the hikes are available all year long, especially those by the lakeside of Génos-Loudenvielle or throughout the countless villages.

It is necessary to get information on forecast both in winter and in summer. It is advisable to wear suitable footwear, since you may find ice on some tracks..

Fold-out brochure including all the tracks available at the Tourist Office. Don’t forget to ask for weather forecast information on the track you choose and bear in mind that in winter several tracks are impassable (risk of avalanches, ice…)

Choosing itineraries:

Be careful! These itineraries are neither signposted nor equipped with safety measures; therefore you will be responsible for your own security. In case of heavy snowfall, snowshoes are recommended, as well as the company of a professional guide for beginners. We give you estimated duration information to complete the routes. However, hikers’ pace and ground conditions determine the actual duration.

contemplation depuis le village de Germ La Tour de Moulor (The tower of Moulor)

Estimated duration: 1h 45min Gradient: 170 m
The church of Loudenvielle is the starting point; take the second street to the right after the post office (track of Cidelongue) and follow the signposted itinerary No. 2. After the Tour de Moulor, go down on the left to the lake of Génos-Loudenvielle. Cross the road (look out for the cars) and then the blue footbridge, go round the lakeside towards Loudenvielle. After the tennis court, take the footridge over the river and get to the church of Loudenvielle on Cazalis St. and, finally, get to Gourgs Blancs St.


fin d'automne sur le lac de Genos Loudenvielle Le Chemin des Ardoisières (The path of the slate quarries)

Estimated duration: 2h Gradient: 200 m
Starting from the town hall of Génos, go through the village following the signposted itinerary No. 3. After the church and the castle, go down to the lake and cross the blue bridge. Follow the road on the left for 300 m (warning: walk on the left behind the wooden fence) and take the track on the right that leads to Armenteule. Go throughout the village up to the church (mind the cars) and keep on walking on the way to Adervielle. After leaving behind a bridge, stay on the left side and then take the right up to Adervielle. Reach the top of the village after going around the left side of the Town Hall. Continue the way on the left, cross a stream and go up to an intersection. Then follow the way leading to Génos on the left and come back to the town hall.
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