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En direct des pistes

15 juillet 2019, Peyragudes

Enneigement :
bas: 0 cm
haut: 140 cm
+all information

25 mars 2019, Val Louron

Enneigement :
bas: 20 cm
haut: 75 cm
+all information

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Discover Vallée du Louron... on foot!


Come and discover this surprising valley on foot. From a pleasant walk through its picture-book villages to conquering the 3,000-m summits… endless ways to make the most of this natural site depending on weather conditions, your level of expertise and your preferences.

Click on the picturess to learn more about...

Vallée du Louron

Bottom of the valley and villages

Lac de Bordères

Valley lakes and high-mountain lakes

Pic de Sarrouyes vu du pic d'Estos


Chemin des gorges de Clarabide

Conservation area of Clarabide

Our mountain guides invite you to choose among a wide range of routes and paths according to your budget, level of expertise and preferences. For those who want to explore the land off the beaten track: noon outings, several-day raids, night expeditions topped off with a “fondue” at the shepherd’s hut. Check our weekly schedule for further information.


First, we would like to remind you the “ten commandments of the hiker” (source FFRP):

1.Do not go beyond the route boundaries. Do not take short cuts, as we want to protect this vulnerable land and reduce erosion.

2.Do not make loud noises. We have to respect animals and other hikers.

3.Get to know the fauna and the flora better to understand why it is a protected area.

4.Do not throw rubbish onto the ground. Keep it with you until you find the next bin.

5.The lighting of fires is prohibited (particularly in the forest and in the wooded areas)

6.Do not damage the harvest or the plantations and do not disturb domestic animals and cattle. Do not forget to close the fences you cross on your way.

7.Dogs must be kept on a lead. They could damage something or be victims of an accident.

8.Do not drink water from the rivers. Its apparent clarity does not mean the water is drinkable

9.Get information on when the close season ends (hunting) in the area you want to hike to prevent yourself from unnecessary risks.

10.Get information on access rules to natural reserves, national parks and protected areas (the presence of dogs, the use of noisy engines and flower picking may be considered illegal in some places)