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15 juillet 2019, Peyragudes

Enneigement :
bas: 0 cm
haut: 140 cm
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25 mars 2019, Val Louron

Enneigement :
bas: 20 cm
haut: 75 cm
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BORDERES-LOURON/ILHAN : 847 m - 157 inhabitants

Marché de Bordères Louron *Administrative center of the canton. ceremonies – accommodations – tourist office
*Church from the 19th century. Altarpiece from the first half of the 18th century from the celebrated sculptor Marc Ferrère.
*Every Sunday in summer there is a friendly street market where to buy local products in the shade of a grove by the riverside of Louron.
*The ancient village of Ilhan joined Bordères-Louron in 1972. The church of Saint-Germé, of Romanesque origins, was restored in the 16th century.

ADERVIELLE/POUCHERGUES : 950 m - 100 inhabitants

*The two villages of Adervielle and Pouchergues merged in 1987.
*Old slate mines. Pastoral village.
*Path of mills along the riverside
*Church of Saint-Etienne in Adervielle: most of the construction was raised in the mid-7th century. Church of Saint-Laurent of Romanesque origins and restored in the 16th century in Pouchergues.

ARMENTEULE : 950 m - 59 inhabitants

* Ancient slate quarries village. 
* Romanesque church of  Saint-Felix with exceptional furniture. Hiking track towards Moulor

 lac d'Avajan en automne AVAJAN : 913 m - 76 inhabitants

*Viewpoint from which you can see the bottom of the valley and its three-thousanders.
*Some ruins, reconstructed houses.
*Small lake, excellent for fishing
*Church of Saint Blaise, bell tower from the 16th century
*Chapel of Saint-Christau – hotel – restaurant


BAREILLES and its hamlets of Is and Pouy : 1000 m - 66 inhabitants

* Wooded valley
* Church of Notre Dame de l'Assomption (Our Lady of the Assumption) reconstructed using local white marble.
* Access to the spectacular lake of Bordères-Bareilles

CAZAUX-DEBAT : 800 m - 23 inhabitants

*Village located at the entrance of the valley of Louron with its little stone houses, its fountains and washhouses.
*Medieval chapel of Saint-Saturnin (Saint Saturnine)

CAZAUX-FRECHET/ANERAN-CAMORS : Cazaux-Frechet : 1150 m - 42 inhabitants

*Church of Saint Calixte (Saint Callixtus) declared to be a Historical Monument, from the 16th century, raised on the foundations of a Romanesque construction.

*Stone-made houses, fountains and washhouses.

*Forest of Balencous

*Anerán: Romanesque church

*Camors: beautiful statues

ESTARVIELLE : 994 m - 30 inhabitants

*Church of Saint-Pierre (Saint Peter) from the 16th century that took advantage of the old Romanesque construction.
*Pastoral village situated in a wooded site with fields arranged in terraces. Holiday center – hotel – restaurant

village de Génos GENOS : 950 m - 149 inhabitants

* Houses built on the slope, cozy narrow streets and slater. (slate quarries).
* Castle of Génos , Tour médiévale du 14ème siècle
* Walk around the lake with access to all activities.
* St Vincent parish church with bell tower dating from the 16th century.
Shops, restaurants, BALNEA, sports

GERM : 1300 m - 36 inhabitants

* The village was destroyed by fire in 1690.  Eglise de l’Invention de Saint-Etienne dates, for the most part, from the 16th century.

* Calm village, at the foot of Peyragudes on the GR10 footpath.
* Craftsmen – holiday centre – hotel restaurant  

MONT : 1250 m - 34 inhabitants

* Village hanging on the mountain. Approximately 40 beautiful houses around the church and lined on the stone-paved streets.
*  Eglise Saint-Barthelemy (Church of Saint Bartholomew) declared to be a Historical Monument with a fresco painting from 1573.

LOUDENVIELLE : 950 m - 286 inhabitants

* Loudenvielle is the main village on the upper valley, where most stores and services can be found (open all year long).
* Several activities by the lakeside of Génos-Loudenvielle
* The bond of Loudenvielle to its cultural patrimony has inspired the rehabilitation and the beautification of the village. High tech is used to have a look at modern original structures such as the Spa, Balnéa.
* There are several concerts and festive activities during the summer season.
* Many health based equipment/areas exist including  Moulin de Saoussas and l'Espace Muséographique Arixo.
Tourist office Loudenvielle, wifi, expositions...

 LOUDERVIELLE : 1150 m - 50 inhabitants

* Feudal ruins  Tour de Moulor. (Tower of Moulor)
* Romanesque church of  Sainte-Madeleine. (Saint Magdalene)
* Old manganese mines

* Slate quarries at the Col de Peyresourde.

RIS : 1000 m - 9 inhabitants

* You can delight yourself with a stunning view from the valleys of Louron and Aure from this little village perched on the slope bathed in sunlight. Sublime panorama.
* Chapel “Notre Dame des Neiges” (Our Lady of the snows) raised (according to tradition) in remembrance of the Marian apparition to Isabelle BORDE, the young shepherd girl from Ris that was mute and miraculously healed.
* Church from the 116th century

VIELLE-LOURON : 948 m - 75 inhabitants

* Pastoral village. Bourgeois-looking village with a particular houses framework spread irregularly.
* Path of stables that converges with the forest road of Avajan.
* The Romanesque church  of  Saint-Mercurial  (Saint-Mercury) with fresco paintings from the 16th century is declared to be of cultural and artistic interest.