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Paragliding and Hang-gliding

Atterissage parapentes lac de Genos Loudenvielle Vallee du LouronHang-gliding space at Vallée du Louron with a well-known reputation in the Pyrenees.

In fact, mountains’ pastures happen to be excellent to execute takeoffs from different altitudes and towards several directions.

In addition, the landing strip is large enough as to a glider to land. Located in an excellent site close to the lake. Both the place and the valley’s orientation are suitable to learn paragliding.
Parapente hivernal face au Pic de Sarrouyes, à Val Louron



Lastly, what makes this place unique in the Pyrennes is that you can fly on one of the ten gliders landing here.

The combination of all these attractions has turned Vallée du Louron into the “Mecca” of gliding in the Pyrenees.

Two paragliding schools and a hang-gliding expert offer you initiation flights and courses, from beginners to advanced paragliders, and even takeoffs with the skis on.

To learn more

Ecole de Parapente de la Vallée du Louron (EPVL)

Ecole de parapente Virevolte

Jean Michel Estrade, initiation paraglide flights 06 86 23 16 09