Canyoning and whitewater

canyoning et eau vive louron

White water activities

A wealth of white water activities to choose from: hot-dog, air boat, hydro speed, various rafting possibilities, canoe raft... And canyoning, on French or Spanish rivers, for all levels in half day, full day or stays.


Canyoning is a nature activity that combines hiking, climbing and whitewater activities. Enjoy going down gorges dug by the river. True natural aqualand, discover this very playful activity where pleasure of the eyes mixes with physical effort.

Our professionals will guide you safely.

Several formulas exist: discovery, day trip, in Spain, etc...

canyoning et eau vive louron

Louron aventure

Descent of the Neste du Louron in canoe.

Discover the Louron valley by the river for an exceptional view and be close to nature! 

From 8 years.

Information and reservation on 05 62 99 65 22


    louron aventures eau vive

    Multi-activity booking offices 

     Come and discover the nautical leisure of nature. Thrills assured! On the Neste d'Aure or in Luchonnais: rafting from 5 years old, hot dog or air boat from 12 years old and hydro speed from 14 years old.

    Information and booking :

    • Maison de Peyragudes on 05 62 99 69 99
    • Bureau des activités Montagne Virevolte on 05 62 99 61 31
    eau vive canyoning