Protected natural area

Lac de pouchergues vallée du louron

Natura 2000 area

The Upper Louron Valley area is part of the Natura 2000 European Network of Natural (Land and Marine) Sites. It is identified for the scarcity or fragility of the species and habitats it hosts in order to maintain them in a good conservation state over the long term.

This area extends over the valleys of Aygues Tortes, Caillaouas, the White Gurugs, the Gorges of Clarabid, the peaks of Pichadères and Estiouère and the mountain of Tramadits.

Map of the Natura 2000 area


Zone protégée vallée du louron


Lake Caillaouas

lac de Caillaouas


Lake des Isclots

lac des isclots


Valley de la Pez

vallée de la pez