Hiking and Trail running

From the highest peaks to the trails in the lower valleys, via the shores of the mountain lakes : nature has fashioned a magnificent terrain that must be discovered. The Louron Valley possesses a breathtaking natural setting perfect for those who enjoy long hikes or an occasional walk. Nature lovers can discover the many marked trails that crisscross the mountain and the valley or enjoy a guided hike with a mountain professional.

BEWARE : Check the accessibility of the trails during winter, some may be impassable or dangerous. Information available from mountain professionals or the tourist office.


There are 11 marked trail-running routes, "Espaces Trails” in the valley. They vary in difficulty: 5 green, 4 blue, 1 orange (vertical course) and 1 red. They are between 8 km and 24 km long. For the more athletic, 3 unmarked routes: 2 red and 1 black from 20 km to 38 km (as well as a 2-day course that takes you into Spain!) can be explored and downloaded from the app. All trail routes can be found on www.louronbikeandtrail.com    
The Louron Trail
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